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Hannah Strength, LPC

Meet Hannah Strength, LPC. Hannah works hard at creating a safe inviting ear for clients from all different backgrounds. She truly enjoys hearing clients experiences and trusting her with your personal stories.

Hannah’s therapeutic approach is geared towards unconditional positive regard and validating thoughts and feelings, while also walking along side you while you create a new path for healing. Her expertise includes Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Family Systems Therapy, and Trauma Centered Therapy. She believes these methods help with self-discovery and self-efficacy to empower the individual for a better tomorrow. Her experience includes working with ADHD, Childhood Trauma, Depression/Anxiety, and Stress/Anxiety related to Athletic Performance.

Hannah uses several different therapy interventions to best meet the needs of each client. She also doesn’t mind using a variety of therapeutic principles to creatively tailor a plan for all those she serves. Hannah holds a Master’s in Counseling from University of Montevallo and a Bachelors of Science from Shorter University. Hannah looks forward to working with you on your therapeutic journey, and celebrates your courage to share with her.

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